Starring Anaid

The day began glorious enough. One could not have asked for more of the weather. The sun shined with barely a cloud in the sky. The temperature was spot on: too hot and the model sweats – too cold and she shivers and fakes comfort. I was in equally bright spirits. It was the start of another day of creating which is always my idea of funshine. Both model (Anaid) and MUA (Amelia) arrived simultaneously – almost bumping into each other as they walked toward our rendezvous point in the parking lot. The two women immediately found rapport and the next thing I know, they were speaking Spanish to each other. I knew Amelia was from Spain, but Anaid is from Estonia. As it turns out, Anaid speaks eight languages – thank you (& I’m still on baby-level Swedish!). I was in awe. My astonishment, however, was but a precursor to a great afternoon of shooting at Skeppsholmen. Here are a few shots that survived the cut. Anaid_Keshishian.1409041335.58-Edit





Anaid_Keshishian.1409041150.50-Edit   Anaid_Keshishian.1409041438.19-Edit Anaid_Keshishian.1409041311.55-Edit



Happy Birthday to Michael Joseph Jackson

Today is the 56th birthday of the greatest entertainer of our era. Here are pictures I took at the 1984 Grammy Awards at the Shrine Auditorium and the Victory Tour at Dodger Stadium. Impressive as are the recording collaboration of  the Jackson/Jones team, there simply is no exaggeration one could give to describe Michael Jackson’s performance in the Victory Tour. It was, without a doubt the most spectacular thing I have ever seen on any stage. Today, 30 August is his birthday. Happy Birthday, Micahel Joseph Jackson. We do sincerely miss you.










… and here are some touching notes & flowers left in Sergels Torg in Stockholm after his death.




20090708.1842.49-Michael_Jackson_memorial-Sergelstorg 20090708.1842.03-Michael_Jackson_memorial-Sergelstorg 20090708.1841.48-Michael_Jackson_memorial-Sergelstorg 20090708.1841.28-Michael_Jackson_memorial-Sergelstorg 20090708.1841.07-Michael_Jackson_memorial-Sergelstorg 20090708.1840.49-Michael_Jackson_memorial-Sergelstorg

Eatin’ Pasta – a fine art

“Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner.” -Sophia Loren

Few things in life are as mouth-watering, pleasurable and downright sensual as a dish of some good pasta. Gourmet pasta, for the connoisseur, is treasured with admiration and respect. The connoisseur takes note of every nuance of it’s many virtues. Note how it behaves when it is gently teased and twirled. The esthetic appeals to all the senses.  The sound of pasta is subtle, but distinct. Think about it. There is an art to taking the pasta up into the mouth with skillfully-controlled suction – meticulously refraining from careless slurping.
Such is The Fine Art of Eatin’ Pasta.

Models: Latoya & Blue
Make-up artist: Yuko Yamauchi Takahashi
Bikini design by Amun-Re









Farewell to Bobby Womack

It was just three summers ago that I met Bobby Womack for the first and last time. It was a great connection with  his daughter Gina-Re, the road manager & musicians. We only spoke briefly because he was on exhausted from the combination of the concert and heavy medication. Even that short moment will always be cherished. Of the many pictures, I have included in this gallery images of the singer and his wonderful daughter Gina-Re who traveled with her father and even acted as Bobby’s personal photographer during the concert. Another legend moves on to join the ancestors. Goodbye Bobby Womack


Child of the Solstice turns 21: The Before & the After

The Before

Aaah, my beautiful baby is no longer a baby (though, she’ll ALWAYS be my baby). As the bewitching hour of midnight approached, the countdown was tolled. It would be a special milestone in her life – the passing of her 21st year. Life chose to bring her here on the summer solstice/midsummer. Tension and anticipation permeated the ether. Instinctively, I broke out the studio lights to document the mood. This is a tale of two photo shoots – a ‘before & after’ the birthday girl/woman’s rite of passage. What a blessing to witness this exciting transformation from the old to the new as she reached deep inside the peace of her soul.


Remembering another time and place

Remembering another time and place


The After

At the stroke of midnight, she displayed a different person – a girl/woman transformed – radiant & glowing –  truly an embodiment of her beautiful name: Ella Filio Summercloud. I bow to the Universe in humble appreciation for these 21 years she has been so significant a part of my life. This in fact, is my definition of father’s day – the day this beautiful spirit conferred upon me the honor. Here is the woman.

Summercloud.140621.0024.01-Edit Summercloud.140621.0025.38-Edit Summercloud.140621.0027.10-Edit Summercloud.140621.0026.19-Edit Summercloud.140621.0025.47-Edit

Ikrah – Red

The Meditant

Walking meditation. You are already your own guru.  So you already know what it is at the instant of its mention. You absorb its purpose in this place.  Your footfalls tiptoe across mother – Earth.  You observe the picture as it shifts in aspect and angle – always perfect – always magnificent. You are at one with her.  She is you and you are she.  Inhale the sweetness of her breath.  Your soul is infused with infinite wealth and a secret.  Never miss the opportunity to smile … or to cry.


Shooting Starlet


(from the film archives). We had to wait till very late – about 1 a.m. when it was least likely to be any interrupting cars riding on the street because this shot required a long exposure – approximately 30 seconds. I chose a side street where the Venice/Santa Monica golf course is in the background.  The model is also my friend, LaToya. All that you see in this image was shot on one sheet of film within the time the lens was open. I loved the results – the Shooting Starlet.

Beauties of Stockholm Beauty Week

“Pretty women. Fascinating … sipping coffee – dancing … pretty women .. are a wonder .. pretty women. Sitting in the window or standing on the stair, something in them cheers the air.
Pretty women silhouetted, stay within you glancing. Stay forever, breathing lightly. Pretty women. Pretty women. Blowing out the candles or combing out their hair – even when they leave, they still are there … they’re there.” – from the Broadway musical Sweeny Todd
Their beauty is self-explanatory without preface, introduction or apology. It is what it is … breathtaking, alluring & titillating to the senses. The home of beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Behold some of the beauties of Stockholm Beauty Week.








Clara Lykke Louw




Garden Flower


Trekking through the thicket of phantasmagoria – lost in dreamish enchantment – purely by happenchance, I stumbled upon that mystical garden, teeming in floral plenty and colors so rich and rare. Had I arrived on Aiden’s doorstep? A melodic whistling poked the stillness of afternoon sloth. Subtly, sensually & poetically, one danced. Her colors gleaming effervescently, tranced my senses, commanding my undivided attention. This, I took as omen: I choose that one. She shall be loved, worshipped, honored and swaddled inside the arms of my loving – loving heart.


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